Our modular wall system

Each module is 2m wide
Standard height 2.6m (3m option)
Rent enough for your perfect width
All panels are white primed as standard
Custom painting or textures as required

Our modules

wall system frame
wall system panel installation
wall system panels

Our modules consist of:
• 1 Framework with hardware
• 2 Removable supports with ballast support bars
• 1 Wall Panel made from HDF laminated block-board

• Quick and easy to transport and install
• Levelling feet adjust the wall to any floor
• Each panel clips together creating a seamless join
• Fix your set to the real wood core inside the HDF block-board

• Swap just the panels over to create a new set in minutes!
• Panels are refurbished after use
• Less waste and more flexibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

40kg is needed for installation per wall. Weights as either sandbags or stage weights should be hung or attached over the horizontal bar located both supporting legs. If extra weight is added to wall panels, further weight must be included.

No. Currently we are unable to supply weights with rented wall modules but we hope to provide this service in the near future.

Yes but only after prior approval.

No. No modifications to the frame modules can be made.

Yes but only after prior approval.

Minor damages on panels can be easy repaired once returned. This is accounted for within the rental price. Broken boards which are deemed to be unrepairable will be charged at 200€ (excluding 19% tax) for modules w2m x h2.6m and at 300€ (excluding 19% tax) for modules w:2m x h:3m.

Yes. The vehicle needs to have a height minimum capacity of 2.05m and a length minimum capacity of 3.05m.

Yes. 80mm levelling feet help to keep the structure level and safe.

Yes. This can be removed once returned to the Plinth Charming Workshop.

Yes. Please enquire about this service.

If you want to join walls together to make a longer wall but the size you require is not possible with the module sizes we provide. Yes, please enquire about this service.